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Tammy Fitzgerald

Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant

"Your hair is to your body what a leaf is to a tree." ~ Dick Gregory

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Locd Tresses provides Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks™ establishments, retightenings and basic styling in the Chicago area as a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant.

Sisterlocks™ is a natural hair management system that gives men and women with tightly textured hair freedom from chemicals, weaves and extensions, unmanageable hair, and breaking and thinning hair. Sisterlocks™ allows versatile styling options much like relaxed can curl them, braid them, twist them, and pin them up to create some of today's popular styles. You also have the freedom to just wash and go with Sisterlocks™!

Sisterlocks™ are part of a low maintenance styling system. They are not NO maintenance. It is a beautiful hair technique that is incredibly versatile. No extensions are added to the hair. I repeat, NO extensions are added to the hair nor do I offer that service. Your own hair is the only hair used in this technique.

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Because the best client is a well informed client!

When you are ready, contact me to schedule your Consultation and get ready to embark on your amazing journey!

Take a look around and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

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