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My name is Tammy Fitzgerald, owner and loctician of Locd Tresses. I am a Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant who has been trained and practicing since November 2010. I was also trained by Amazon Natural Essentials in Chicago, IL on the technique and process of other various locking methods. I have a fond admiration for all locs, but Sisterlocks and Interlocks are my craft of choice.

I have gained invaluable knowledge over the years that allow me to provide the best Sisterlocks™ experience to all my clientele. My clients describe me as caring, gentle, skilled, dependable, a mentor, and a friend.

My Sisterlocks™ were established in April 2010. I enjoy the freedom to do very little or a lot to my Sisterlocks™. I have also maintained my own Sisterlocks™ since 2012.  

My Journey

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